Agrivet Sciences Institute

The Agrivet Sciences Institute (AGSI) was established in AY 2011-2012 and is timely and strategic for Lasallian presence in Central Luzon and an ideal demonstration site for agriculturally-oriented Lasallian education.

News and Updates 2016

Month of July


Dr. Eugenio Claveria Scholarship Grant

Salikneta Vice Chancellor for Academics, Research and Operations Dr. Florencia Claveria, together with her sisters, have once again donated P 300 000 to the Dr. Eugenio Claveria Scholarship Grant.

Since its establishment in SY 2012-2013, Dr. Claveria and her sisters have annually donated to the scholarship grant, which primarily benefits high school students from the AgriVet Sciences Institute at the Salikneta Farm.


Welcome to Dr. Poots

After some time of recuperation and after getting a clean bill of health from the doctor, Dr. Florencia Claveria is back to De La Salle Araneta University - Salikneta. The position of VCARO is now co-shared between Dr. Poots and myself.

The following specifies the delineation of functions:

Dr. Poots will directly handle the running of the Agrivet Sciences Institute, specifically the areas of the institute's academics, research, extension and students. The positions directly reporting to her are: Director of Academics, Director of Students & Mission and Director of Research & Publications. She has likewise been given the mandate to focus on our research engagements with various entities towards making Salikneta as the premier agricultural and agri-related research hub.

The offices of the Business Operations Manager, Finance Officer, Director for Maintenance, Security & Safety, Director for Salikneta Construction & Special Projects will report directly to me.

The Salikneta Community is enjoined to give Dr. Claveria a warm welcome and their continued support for continuing the mission she has started at Salikneta. Again, welcome, Dr. Poots.


Update on the Release of Additional Increase for SY 2015-2016

After careful evaluation of the request of the Employees Union and Faculty Society and our financial operations, I am happy to inform the community that the five percent (5%) of the additional 10.5% additional salary increase for SY 2015-2016 will be released on the July 25 payroll schedule.

This partially approved request is for this time only. Future requests will be evaluated separetly with great sensitivity to the financial operations of the University.

Month of June


Ms. Jennifer Austria as Salikneta Farm Business Operations Manager

I have appointed Ms. Jennifer Austria as Salikneta Farm Business Operations Manager, reporting directly to the Salikneta Vice Chancellor for Academics, Research and Operations and the Salikneta President.

Her main functions are to supervise the farm operations from equipment management, livestock monitoring, daily farm operations documentation and reporting; supervise, monitor and evaluate farm personnel productivity and performance; liaise with suppliers and other business partners; and develop and implement farm processes and production innovations and improvements.

Let us extend to Ms. Austria our usual support and cooperation in the fulfilment of her responsibilities.

Month of May


The President Message

Dear Lasallian Achievers,

Welcome to the May – August Term of SY 2016-2017!

This year promises to be another remarkable year for De La Salle Araneta. As we move forward after the successful implementation of our shift to the trimestral academic year, we continue to strive to streamline and better our processes as we pole vault toward our collective vision of becoming a GREAT university.

Foremost, I would like to congratulate our students, faculty members, and partners for making our 70th year a tremendous testament that at 70, we are stronger and better than ever. I am convinced, without a doubt, that your dedication to upholding our university’s ideals of what a Lasallian is will push us forward to many more great and successful years.

This year is a year of gratitude and appreciation. Last March 7, we held the first Night of HOPE—an event to honor and recognize generous men, women, and institutions who have shared their resources to the university in support of our mission of providing quality Lasallian education to everyone, especially to deserving but underprivileged youth. We are hopeful that in the coming months and years, more kind-hearted individuals and institutions will generously share in our commitment to provide educational access to the people who need it most.

As we begin this term on a high note, I ask everyone to never lose sight of the tasks that lie ahead of us.

To administrators, I ask that you continue to share in my vision of making DLSAU a great university: a university that puts the welfare of the student at its core. To educators, I ask that you continue to provide a conducive learning atmosphere for your students and to guide them in their social and academic pursuits. To students, I ask you to continue to live by what a Lasallian is: God-fearing, selfless, socially-responsible, morally-upright, and competent. Together, I ask that you push resolutely forward, with me, for a better, stronger De La Salle Araneta University.

Our mission and vision stand for everything that we believe in and remind us of the tasks we have in the road ahead. I pray that the experiences that we will have this term will help us come closer to our goal of building a great and illustrious university as we celebrate our 70th anniversary.

Live Jesus in our hearts, forever!


Salikneta Management Team

I am happy to appoint the following to comprise the Salikneta Management Team. In the absence of the VCARO, the President is the Salikneta Farm Chief Executive.

Acting Vice Chancellor for Academics,

Research and Operations
Br. Jun S. Erguiza FSC

Executive Secretary
Ms. Sienna Sto. Domingo

Director for Academics(Curriculum Instruction & Application)
Ms. Apple Suplido

Director for Student & Mission
Mr. Ferdinand Abellaneda

Executive Consultant for Farm Business
Mr. Benison Cu

Mr. Erick Young

Executive Consultant for Innovations, Research and Publications
Dr. Rafael Pablo

Supervisor, Vegetation and Greenery Production
Mr. Rito Tumubo

Executive Consultant for Animal Experimentation & Production
Dr. Dante Lorenzo

Supervisor, Animal Production
Mr. Jonathan Calibuso

Director for Maintenance
Mr. Edgar Nobleza

Director for Special Salikneta Projects
Mr. Archilles Aniñon

Finance Officer

Mr. Jark Jinsen Miranda

Food Processing and Production
Ms. Ruby Andrade

Ecotourism and Marketing
Ms. JC May Tres

Farm Veterinarian
Dr. Marlon Ocampo


Prayers for Dr. Claveria's Speedy Recovery

Let us continue to pray for the speedy recovery of Dr. Florencia Claveria. She has had a series of mild strokes which had temporarily impaired her speech and arm movement. At present, she is in Davao Doctors Medical Center where she is recuperating.


Institutional Message by Brother President

In our last Institutional Christmas Party, I remarked of the possibility of my term as University President ending May of this year. However, during the March 9 DLSAU Board of Trustees meeting, I was asked by the school's trustees to stay on as University President until September 2016 - a date which coincides with the end of my term as President ofr the Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines (CEAP).

Given that the Board is keen on finding the most suitable candidate who will serve as President after my term, I anticipate that their search will be a long and thoughful one. During the interim, the likelihood of me staying on as President presents as a very high possiblity.

The coming months will be a period of a great many exciting changes for the university. In light of all these exciting developments, i would like to ask for the community's continued cooperation and support.


Salikneta Management Team

This is to inform the academic community that Dr. Florencia Claveria is still at Davao Doctors Hospital recuperating and might need more time for a full recovery. We ask everyone's prayers so that she could full recover.

In the absence of Dr. Claveria, I am appointing a Salikneta Management Team composed of Mr. Wilson Gorosin, Ms. Apple Suplido, and Mr. Edgar Nobleza. Mr. Gorosin will act as PRIMUS INTER PARES (First among equals) and will directly report to the President. We request the Salikneta Community to give them their full support and cooperation.

Month of April


Blessing of MACABUD-Salikneta Road and Food Processing Plant

A short prayer service and blessing ceremony was held last April 8 at the Salikneta Farm in San Jose del Monte, Bulacan. Br. Narciso Erguiza, Jr. FSC led the blessing ceremony of the 840-meter Macabud-Salikneta Road and the three newly-constructed food processing plants. The plants will each house a different food product-one for juices, one for milk products, and one for meat-based goods.

The prayer service and blessing ceremony preceded the 4th Quarter Salikenta, Inc. 's Board of Trustees Meeting for SY 2015-2016.

Month of January


Salikneta Food Processing and Production Plant

The construction of a three-structure food processing and production plant that will take care of the production of dairy products and juices and the provision for warehousing at Salikneta Farm is ongoing. The structure is expected to be finished by the end of the month.

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